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Shoulder doctor in Sarasota, FL

Shoulder Specialist Sarasota County, FL 

Shoulder specialist in Sarasota, FL

Shoulder injuries are one of Dr. John Moor’s specialties at Advanced SportsMedicine Center in Sarasota, Florida. The shoulder is prone to injury because there is a wide range of motion in the joint, and the joint is under constant stress. Athletes and non-athletes alike experience common shoulder injuries such as a torn rotator cuff to bursitis.

Shoulder injuries affect people of all ages and activity levels. In many cases, shoulder conditions are treatable without surgery. Physical therapy or PRP therapy are possible alternatives to shoulder surgery. Advanced SportsMedicine Center has you covered either way, and we’d love to discuss all of the options with you personally.

Some of the most common shoulder conditions we see include:

Although the need for surgery will be determined on an individual basis, many of the conditions listed above can be resolved surgically and/or through physical therapy. Our most common orthopedic surgery procedures include:

Shoulder injuries are not likely to go away on their own. We invite you to visit our office for the attention and care you need. Contact Advanced SportsMedicine Center directly at (941) 957-1500.