Advanced Sportsmedicine Center
John T. Moor, M.D.
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John T. Moor, MD

  Advanced Sportsmedicine Center was founded by Dr. John Moor in 1992.

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Our Mission

To provide world class orthopedic care combined with personalized, one on one attention to every patient. Regardless of the complexity of your orthopedic or sports related injury, our team has the experience and expertise to help you reach your maximum potential. We want to exceed your expectations! Procedures available:

  • Arthroscopy of Knees, Shoulders, Elbows, Ankles, Wrist, Hip
  • Arthroplasty of Knees, Shoulders, Hips
  • Procedures available:
  • Arthritis
  • Cartilage Repair
  • ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation)
  • Microfracture
  • Osteochondral Allografts and Autografts
  • Stem Cells
  • Fractures
  • Hand and Foot Disorders
  • Ligament Injury Repair and Reconstruction
  • Meniscus Repair
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Nerve Disorders
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Cubital Tunnel Release
  • Total Hip Replacement Suuperior Approach
  • Total Knee Replacement Minimal Incision
  • Total Shoulder Replacement

Local, National and International Athletes

Advanced Sportsmedicine Center has been providing orthopedic care to Sarasota's athletes for over 20 years! We care for individuals from all sports and all ages (from children to senior citizens). Whether you are a local, national or international level athlete we guarantee pioneering knowledge and exceptional service. We are proud of our community and dedicate time and support to a variety of Sarasota's organizations and athletic groupssuch as:


  • Coach little league baseball teams
  • Sponsor ofSarasota Senior Softball Association
  • Conduct educational courses for the hospital, orthopedic nurses and staff
  • Address worker's compensation companies about new technology
  • Inform Sarasota Marathon participants about prevention and treatment of common running injuries
  • Faculty of university medical programs (i.e.: Florida State University, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Nova Southeastern, Barry University) and preceptor for executive high school internship programs (i.e.: Riverview, Cardinal Mooney)

   National / International:

  • International lecturer to Orthopedic Surgeons on new techniques and procedures
  • Orthopedic instructor for the Arthroscopy Association of North American's National Learning Center
  • Field test new medical equipment for national orthopedic equipment companies  
  • Former Florida Orthopedic Sugeon of the Cincinnati Reds
  • Former orthopedic provider for the WTA/Women's Pro Tennis Tour                












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