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Wall of Fame

Dr. John T. Moor was trained at the world-renowned Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Denver and the University of Iowa’s Hawkeye Sports Medicine Center. Patients of Dr. Moor come from all over the United States and include professional athletes, college sports teams, and Olympians. Browse through our appreciative patient "wall of fame" below.

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Patient Stories

Advanced Sports Medicine

We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how the doctor and staff at Advanced SportsMedicine Center has helped them. Read some of our favorites below.

If Dr. Moor has helped improve your quality of life through his orthopedic care and expertise, we encourage you to submit a personal testimonial about your experience. We would love to hear from you!

Shoulder Scope

Dear Dr. Moor,
The left shoulder arthroscopy you performed last month was a miracle. For the first time in five years I can sleep on my bad shoulder without pain and can go throughout the day without any pain or discomfort. Thank you so much for your help and concern. I recommend you to everyone I know because you have helped me so much. Thank you again!

Michelle Altheimer

Knee Scope

Dear Dr. Moor,
My right knee arthroscopy which you performed last January has been a great success. I had another arthroscopy procedure performed a year earlier by another surgeon with no measurable success. Your approach to my knee problem resulted in my return to a normal life style, being able to take daily walks, climb up and down ladders while wall-papering and painting my house, work in the garden and many other things which I could not do prior to surgery. Again, my compliments on a job well done and my appreciation for helping me get back to a normal.

Very truly yours,
Donald P. Tierney

Dear Dr. Moor,
My wife and I were having a little talk the other day about our life in Sarasota. Believe it or not your name came up. As we reflect back, we have come to feel that you are like family to us. You have taken care of my many ailments; for example, a torn meniscus, impingement of my right shoulder, and most recently, the pain in my left shoulder. Your quick diagnosis of the cause of this pain, being from the cervical spine was instrumental in getting me on the right path for treatment. Also, it has been with great pride that we have recommended you to several of our friends to see you for their problems. In closing, thank you for always being there. Thank you for always making time for me.

Sam Alvarez

Dr. Moor,
Thank you so much for your excellent care and friendship. “My ship came in,” so to speak, with workman’s compensation. So, I wanted to share with the people who made my recovery possible. I am so grateful. I have never had children, or broken bones, or had other surgeries. Because I never experienced so much pain this injury was devastating for me. I have recovered so well and I appreciate you being an exceptional doctor and also a very nice person. Thank you for giving me my life back. Thank you so very much! -- Joan Searcy

Total Joint Replacement

Dear Dr. Moor,
I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Moor, both as a fine physician and an admirable person. He performed major surgery on me twice. The first surgery was to completely replace both knees and the second was to repair a dislocated and fractured shoulder. Dr. Moor was always honest with me. I knew from the start what the operation entailed and he never let me doubt that the knee replacement would be painful and require long rehabilitation. I think, more than any other thing, one instance shows how caring he is. On the morning I was scheduled for surgery I needed to be transported from the hospital to the surgery center. No one seemed to be available or want to wheel me over so Dr. Moor just went ahead and did it himself. Both procedures were successful in giving me back use of my damaged joints. He is a top notch surgeon and a wonderful guy. I wish all doctors were as accessible and caring. -- Barbara J. Lanius

Dear Dr. Moor,
You replaced my right hip which in your words was “mangled.” I was in incredible pain that year and my previous active life style was drastically changed. In retrospect, I know that I went into surgery with much more hope than fear. Three weeks after surgery I was driving. Now, a year later, I walk at least three miles a day. I just finished painting the interior of my home (2,400 sq ft) by myself. I decorated a friend’s house and yard for her daughter’s wedding. I exercise, shell, garden, and anything else I choose to do. I have as much energy as I had at thirty. I am in love with life again and everyday give thanks for my well-being. Many thanks to you, you’re the best! -- Stephanie Mastrachio

Hand/Wrist Surgery

Dr. Moor,
I just want to say thank you to Dr. Moor for all the wonderful care he has given me. I fell and severely fractured my wrist. Knowing that I was widowed and living alone, he insisted on picking me up at my home and driving me to the hospital. That was after spending all day at the hospital performing surgery. After two surgeries and lots of encouragement from Dr. Moor, I am back to doing all the things I love to do. I would also like to thank the rest of the staff at advanced sports medicine for being pleasant and courteous to me. Thank you again! -- Carmen Veit