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Whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional athlete, being sidelined by an injury is a major setback. No matter how big or small the injury, you can count on Dr. Moor and his team of sports medicine experts at Advanced SportsMedicine Center to get you back in the game and feeling as good as new.

A nationally recognized sports medicine specialist, Dr. Moor has worked with countless athletes, including professionals and Olympians. He is double board certified  in orthopedics and sports medicine and fellowship trained in both sports medicine and arthroscopy.

Even the youngest of athletes can find the special care and attention they need at Advanced SportsMedicine Center. Dr. Moor works with kids involved in all types of sports, diagnosing and treating your child’s injury quickly so they can get out there and play again.

Dr. Moor takes great care when treating athletes, employing the latest in surgical and non-surgical methods to address a variety of sports-related injuries. He is passionate about treating both adult and adolescent athletes, committed to seeing them through their recovery and restoring them to better than they were in before they were injured.

Some of the most common sports medicine injuries treated at Advanced SportsMedicine Center include:

In addition to surgical intervention, Advanced SportsMedicine Center also offers the following treatments for sport medicine injuries:

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